Mercruiser Bravo 3 drives giving new life to older Rayglass sterndrives

One of those to benefit from the switch is Rayglass Legend 2500 owner Eddie Gardien. Gardien says that, while engine part of his stern drive motor was still performing extremely well, he was having on-going problems with his drive leg.

"The leg simply would not seal properly,” he explains. "Every 20-30 hours I would have to replace the oil. It was really frustrating and time consuming.”

Earlier this year Rayglass Boats’ service manager Dean Ryan suggested Gardien get Rayglass to take off his boat’s existing drive leg and replace it with Mercruiser’s new Bravo 3X leg.

He agreed and, six months after relaunching his re-powered 2500, says he is very glad he did.

"The new Bravo leg has completely transformed the boat,” he says. "The 2500 is now quicker out of the hole, rides flatter and best of all, does not require all that maintenance.”

Gardien says the Bravo’s higher gear ratio means his engine is not working as hard, while its longer leg (100mm deeper in the water) and bigger propellers are getting the boat on the plane faster and ensuring a better, less-bow-up attitude while underway.

He says he is also very impressed with the way Ryan and his team installed the new drive.

"Although they had to do quite a lot of work to marry the new drive with the existing engine, none of that shows. They have retained all the existing gauges, remotes, cables and hydraulics.

"On board, the boat looks exactly the same. Rayglass has done a really excellent job,” he says.

Dean Ryan says replacing existing troublesome drive legs with new Mercruiser Bravo 3X drives is proving an increasing popular option.

"There are lots of inboard-powered trailer boats out there with great engines that are still performing really well but drive legs that are causing problems.

"Swapping those legs for Bravo 3X drives extends the life of their boats’ engines, makes them more durable and gives them better performance.”

Ryan says many owners are also choosing to "freshen up” their boats while the drive legs are being replaced.

"For example, we are currently fitting a new Bravo 3 to an existing Rayglass 2800 while also upgrading the boat’s electronics and refurbishing its gelcoat.

"When we have finished, it will be like a completely new boat, at just a fraction of the price.”

Ryan says the Bravo 3 drive can be married to any existing inboard diesel engine from 250hp to 315hp.